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Czech and Slovak open goldpanning
championship Nový Knín 2014


Online registration has been already closed. Hereafter you may register only in the competition site on a meadow, which can be found at GPS coordinates: 49°47'42"N,14°17'00"E. Registration for all official categories will be concluded on Friday, 18 July 2014, at 21:00

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Categories Alias Price
Men PM 500 Kč
Women PW 500 Kč
Veterans VET 500 Kč
Juniors JUN 250 Kč
Classic pan (Batea pan) CPB 500 Kč
Children CH 100 Kč
Two-member Team T2 500 Kč
Three-member Team T3 700 Kč
Five-member Team T5 1000 Kč